BLUE VADERS 220 MG MDMA, issued an ‘extremely high dose’ warning because this tablet contains more than 220mg of MDMA.

Using MDMA Buy to Treat Other Mental Health Conditions

Other mental health conditions besides PTSD could benefit from MDMA microdoses.

In a tiny U.K. study, researchers administered 187.5 mg of MDMA twice over eight weeks to 14 participants who suffered from alcohol use disorder. Psychological support was also provided to individuals prior to, during, and following each MDMA session.

The participants experienced no unanticipated negative effects. Their weekly alcohol consumption decreased from 130.6 units to 18.7 units after nine months. According to additional studies, MDMA microdoses may be able to reduce anxiety symptoms.

In a 2020 trial (Trusted Source), researchers combined treatment with a 125 mg dose of MDMA pill for a small group of patients experiencing anxiety due to life-threatening conditions. After receiving MDMA, individuals who received a placebo reported feeling less anxious.

Meanwhile, 12 autistic volunteers were enrolled in a study conducted by the 2018 Trusted Source. During two eight-hour psychotherapy sessions, they were given either a placebo or 75–125 mg of MDMA. “Demonstrated rapid and durable progress in social anxiety symptoms,” according to those in the MDMA pill group.

It is important to remember that all of these MDMA dosages were administered in clinical settings under strict supervision. Under no circumstances should MDMA be taken for self-treatment.

The Effects of Microdose MDMA

The effects of high doses of MDMA have been the subject of several research as well as countless anecdotal stories. However, studies on the effects of MDMA microdosing have not been conducted. Therefore, official data regarding possible adverse effects from very low doses of MDMA are nonexistent.

According to Jennifer Mitchell, PHD, a professor at the University of California, San Francisco’s Weill Institute for Neurosciences, who teaches in the behavioral sciences, psychiatry, and neurology departments, all of the information we currently possess is anecdotal and pure speculation. Nevertheless, studies using smaller MDMA dosages might reveal the possible consequences of microdosing.

For example, a set of five brief investigations In a study supported by the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS), Trusted Source divided volunteers with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) into groups. It administered varying doses of MDMA to them throughout two sessions spaced one month apart.

A few subjects received 25 mg, 30 mg, or 40 mg of MDMA tablet price, which is considered a low (but not micro) dosage. Full doses of 75 mg, 100 mg, or 125 mg were administered to the others.

Every dosage had some unfavorable consequences. Compared to individuals who took full doses, those who took reduced levels reported feeling more tired and experiencing headaches. Other typical symptoms were nausea, dizziness, and appetite loss.

According to Mitchell, it’s not unexpected that a large number of individuals who took smaller dosages also reported anxiousness. She clarified, “Lower dosages of MDMA can be anxiogenic [anxiety-inducing].

Furthermore, the potential effects of prolonged exposure to microdoses on the brain remain unclear. “microdose MDMA has a reputation for being a neurotoxin at high doses, whether that reputation is justified or not,” Mitchell added. The worry is that little dosages given over an extended length of time can eventually accumulate and affect brain function.

She stated that a microdose MDMA” should essentially be small enough that it doesn’t cause any perceptual or subjective changes.” However, “no one, at least not scientifically, has figured out the appropriate microdosing program for MDMA and K2 Spray Liquid.”

Effects of Regular MDMA Tablets Use

Regular MDMA tablets usage has been linked to impulsivity, depression, heart disease, lack of appetite, sleep abnormalities, and concentration issues. Furthermore, two years of heavy MDMA usage is linked to a decline in cognitive function. While some of these disturbances may not be directly related to MDMA, they might be due to impurities frequently discovered in MDMA tablets or other substances that are frequently used in combination with blue MDMA tablets, such as cocaine, alcohol, or marijuana. Further investigation is required to comprehend the precise consequences of consistent MDMA usage.


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