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The drug family of 2C formulations, which includes the chemical 2C-C for sale online (trip), was formerly created by renowned chemist and researcher Shulgin. An entheogenic phenylethylamine with the name 2C C is available for purchase online. It was discovered during the tests that the 2C C acts for approximately 4–7 hours once it enters the human body. 2c 5 c 4 shares some of the same common psychedelic effects as 2C-B because of their comparable chemical structures. 

Regarding this substance’s harmful properties, not much is known. There is some information regarding the drug’s softness and sedative impact in the 2C C trip (review) and Bromazolam Powder. Since the chemical is illegal in many European nations and the United States, it is impossible to purchase c 2c there.

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Customers can get pharmaceutical chemistry for use in laboratory research on our website, globalchemicalstore.com. Common knowledge of conventional illegal substances like cocaine, marijuana, and methamphetamine is extensive. Designer medications were developed in the 1960s as analogues or derivatives of pharmaceuticals that were already on the market in order to circumvent the provisions of the applicable drug legislation. Although not brand-new, designer drugs—such as the 1095 c 2c class covered in this article—have been growing in acceptance over time. 

Designer medicine producers intentionally alter the chemical makeup of their products to evade regulatory action, making it challenging for medical professionals to remain up to date. The current designer drug comeback has been revitalized and pushed by the manipulation of structure to create new compounds, the promotion of these compounds as “legal” highs, and the ease of access to designer drugs via the internet, parties, nightclubs, and head shops.


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