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5F-AKB-48, also known as 5F-APINACA, is a synthetic cannabinoid that belongs to the indazole-based family of research chemicals. It is structurally similar to other synthetic cannabinoids and is used primarily for scientific and forensic research purposes. The compound is designed to mimic the effects of THC, the active ingredient in cannabis, by acting on the same CB1 and CB2 receptors in the 2F-DCK brain. Chemically, 5F-AKB-48 is characterized by a fluorophenyl chain attached to an indazole core and an adamantyl group, which differentiates it from its analogs. This specific structure contributes to its potency and affinity for cannabinoid receptors, often resulting in psychoactive effects when 5f akb48 is 5Fur-144 consumed.

The substance first emerged in the early 2010s and has since been identified in 5f-akb48 a chat various synthetic cannabis products, commonly marketed as “herbal incense” or “potpourri.” Despite its intended use for research, it has gained popularity among recreational users due to its strong psychoactive properties. However, this non-regulated use poses significant health risks, including severe toxicity, adverse psychological effects, and potential for  MDMA crystal abuse.

 Legally, 5F-AKB-48 is classified as a controlled substance in many countries due to its psychoactive nature and potential for harm. Its sale, distribution, and possession are often restricted to prevent misuse and protect public health. Researchers studying 5F-AKB-48 focus on understanding its pharmacological properties, toxicology, and potential impact on public 5f-akb48 Buy AM-2201 health.

Key Features:

  1. Synthetic Cannabinoid: 5F-AKB-48 is a synthetic cannabinoid compound belonging to the indazole family. It’s designed to mimic the effects of THC, the active compound in 5f akb48 achat cannabis.
  2. Potency: It is known for its high potency, often several times stronger than natural THC. This makes it important to handle with caution, as even small doses can produce intense effects.
  3. Psychoactive Effects: Like other synthetic cannabinoids, it binds to cannabinoid receptors in the brain, leading to a range of psychoactive effects such as euphoria, altered perception of time, relaxation, and increased appetite.
  4. Legal Status: Due to its psychoactive properties, it is often subject to legal restrictions in many countries. It may be classified as a controlled substance or regulated under analog laws.
  5. Health Risks: While it may produce similar effects to natural cannabis, it also carries unique health risks. These can include increased heart rate, paranoia, anxiety, hallucinations, and, in extreme cases, seizures or psychosis.


Chemical Identity

  • Chemical Name: 5F-AKB-48
  • IUPAC Name: N-(adamantan-1-yl)-1-(5-fluoropentyl)-1H-indazole-3-carboxamide
  • Common Names: 5F-APINACA, 5F-AKB48
  • Molecular Formula: C23H31FN2O
  • Molecular Weight: 370.51 g/mol
  • CAS Number: 1400742-42-8
  • Chemical Structure:

Physical and Chemical Properties

  • Appearance: White to off-white crystalline powder
  • Melting Point: 85-87 °C (185-188.6 °F)
  • Solubility: Soluble in organic solvents such as ethanol, methanol, DMSO, and dimethylformamide (DMF)


  • Class: Synthetic cannabinoid
  • Mechanism of Action: Acts as a potent agonist for the CB1 and CB2 receptors, mimicking the effects of THC, the active compound in cannabis.
  • Bioavailability: High when administered through inhalation; variable through other routes.
  • Metabolism: Primarily hepatic, involving cytochrome P450 enzymes.
  • Elimination Half-Life: Approximately 2-4 hours, but can vary based on individual metabolic rates.


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