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AM-087 is an analgesic that functions as a cannabinoid agonist and is a member of the AM cannabinoid series.It is a derivative of Δ8THC with a side chain substitution at position three. With a Ki of 0.43nM, 25B-NBF, AM-087 is approximately 100 times more powerful than THC as a CB1 agonist. The large bromine substituent on the side chain is most likely to blame for this.

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AM-087 harnesses the power of a proprietary formula, meticulously engineered to optimize efficacy while minimizing adverse effects. Its unique composition combines time-tested analgesic agents with state-of-the-art delivery mechanisms, ensuring rapid relief without compromising safety. Whether you’re seeking respite from post-operative soreness or seeking solace from the throes of arthritis, AM-087 stands ready to meet your needs.

More than just a pain reliever, 87 represents a beacon of hope for those navigating the complexities of chronic discomfort. With each dose, users can reclaim a sense of normalcy, MDMA Crystals, empowered to embrace life’s joys without the burden of constant agony. Join the countless individuals who have already experienced the transformative benefits of AM-087 Price. Say goodbye to pain and hello to a brighter, more vibrant future with AM-087.

AM-087 Features

IUPAC name: (6aR,10aR)-3-(2-methyl-6-bromohex-2-yl)-6,6,9-trimethyl-6a,7,10,10a-tetrahydrobenzo[c]chromen-1-ol

CAS Number: 152674-96-9

Formula:  C23H33BrO2

Purity:  99,9% min

Appearance:  White powder


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